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ZSS is Officially 1 Year Old!


The road over the course of a year has brought new and more amazing things beyond what I could ever have imagined. I am honored and humbled by the talent and spirit of those who have come along side me in this journey. As we embark on now our 5th major festival screening and production on our epic 2 part 5th episode it all feels to have come full circle. All the steps we have slowly taken to build this world simply to make people laugh has done just that. We have an incredible Zombie Socks Family! I have watched our actors & corporate affiliates grow as we begin to work with even more vast talent in the GA film industry. I will always be grateful for every little tiny thing anyone does to help us. I believe in giving credit where credit is due and there is no way I could have made this happen without each person involved with the show!

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Official Zombie Socks
$7.00 + tax & shipping
Small – ladies 9-11, and Large – men’s 10-13
Email us to find our how to get yours today! Sockszombie@gmail.com

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Help keep our Zombie Tummies from rumbling! All monies go directly to making another episode/music video/extra awesome tid-bits just for you! Depending on the date of your transaction your name will appear in the credits of the piece you helped fund!