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V. Elizabeth Stacy

V. Elizabeth Stacy was born and raised just south of Atlanta, in Griffin, GA. In 2007 during her recovery from an auto accident she taught herself how to shoot and edit video while volunteering as a photographer for a small summer camp located not far from her home. Being a single parent from the age of 21, Elizabeth often enlisted the help of her daughter Christina with simple projects. While employed as an electrical engineering designer, in late 2009 Elizabeth was given the opportunity to develop her skills as she was asked to put together a company video presentation for the upcoming Expo to be held the next April in New Orleans, LA. This was the true beginning of her cinematic launch! In the fall of 2010 she opened Captured – Unique Visions in Photography, and began honing her photographic skills learning from each shoot and other local photographers. In the summer of 2011 Elizabeth was hired by a company in Sarasota, FL to develop a corporate video for a website. This was followed about 6 weeks later, by the opportunity to participate as a camera operator in the 100 Hour Film Race where she made her first real film industry connections. Approximately one month later she assembled a cast and crew, some of which she had just worked with on the film race, to produce and develop her first independent film “Parallax”. This was shot entirely with 2 DSLR personal cameras, no external mics or sound recordings, minimal lighting production, in 3 locations in 3 days, and with a true budget of ZERO dollars in production costs. Since then Elizabeth has gone on to produce other corporate videos for use in another expo. In the summer of 2012 was asked by some friends on several occasions when she was going to make a zombie film. The market is so saturated with every possible incarnation of the undead and she am such a big fan Elizabeth wasn’t sure how she would approach the subject. She gave it some more serious thought and decided if she were going to go “Zombie” She would have to make it completely different. That’s when the concept for Zombie Socks Series 1: Undead Rental was created. Elizabeth started with a basic storyline and broke it down into episodes or “socks” as we call them. She met with my friend, published author, Michael Boylan about developing a few scripts from my outline. He immediately came on board as the head writer and before Dragon Con 2012 they had 3 finished scripts and the premise for a music video parody.

She made some incredible contacts through the production class offered as a part of the Dragon Con Film Festival. From there we built a production team including her right hand Amanda Cape, a repeatedly featured zombie on The Walking Dead, Cujo Cooley, who handled on site sound for The Hunger Games, and a handful of other incredibly talented people. Everyone involved in the production came from GA except for John Wayne our amazing special effects makeup artist who traveled all the way from St. Louis! We utilized various groups on Facebook to post our casting calls, and though the response wasn’t overwhelming we honestly recruited the exact right people for the project. As we finished the casting process we decided to participate in an event called Get Connected which is a monthly networking opportunity for film industry people in Atlanta. That turned out to be one of the best investments of our time. There we met our cinematographer, Matthias Saunders, our post sound production team, Krista and David with Earmark (formerly D2ThaJ Productions), and several more cast and crew members. We began filming on October 6th, 2012 with episode 2 The Undead Hunter at Third Ward Park across the street from her house in Griffin, which is approximately 50 miles directly south of Atlanta. Then the following day we proceeded to shoot episode 1 -Undead Rental Zombie Staffing, at her fathers’ CPA firm and a warehouse owned by a family friend about 5 miles from the office. Krista and David recorded our scratch track with my lyrics for the in their Canton studio and on October 21st the entire cast from episodes 1 and 2 met at the park again to film the music video. The majority of the cast were able to go into the studio to lay the rest of the vocal tracks about a week later.

All our locations to date have been in Griffin, GA and have been donated by friends or family and the entire cast and crew are 100% volunteer. We use Gofundme for crowd funding and other donations to purchase props and craft services. Everyone pitches in to make this show happen and even if we run across problems they seem to just work themselves out.

It has taken a great deal of work to get this far though we continually seem to be in the right place at the right time. This is especially true for our Disgusting Careers episode. Elizabeth had been following comedian Ryan Singer on Twitter for a year or so and when she wrote this particular script She knew she wanted him to play Ascher Crowe. She simply sent him a tweet saying she wanted to put him in her zombie film and he responded with OK email me! He came on board as a part of the show in September 2012, and our only issue was figuring out how to raise the funds to get him here from Los Angeles, CA. We put the shoot on hold for the time being and in early December we found out he was going on The Organic Comedy Tour and would end up being in Atlanta with an extra day in his schedule. This allowed us to work with him all day on February 1st, 2013. It was a truly incredible experience. Ryan fit right into the family and was such a trooper with the cold.

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