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It’s a brand new day in a brand new world created for those who enjoy laughing at the concept of the undead cutting your neighbors grass! Here we encounter zombies in all shapes and states of decay being patched up and sent off to join the workforce. Money is the key! It’s what drives corporate America. Essentially it’s legal slavery – or is it? Well we won’t dwell on that shall we. At the Undead Rental Corporation they are dedicated to bettering the lives of the human race by capturing the remaining formerly living persons still infesting highly populated areas and repurposing them! It’s just recycling, that’s all, a genius way to honor those who continue to function beyond their expiration date.

This entire production is brought to you by a 100% volunteer cast and crew! We simply fed everyone and purchased a few props with only donations and an actual budget of nothing. We hope you enjoy our labor of love and will continue to watch and share as more laughter ensues in the coming weeks and months. We have two simple requests, other than your sharing our production, one — If you like what you see please let us know because your encouragement keeps us on fire, and two — If you would like to see more Please make a donation so that we may provide you with even more hilarity! Thank You to everyone for watching!

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Official Zombie Socks
$7.00 + tax & shipping
Small – ladies 9-11, and Large – men’s 10-13
Email us to find our how to get yours today! Sockszombie@gmail.com

Feed the Zombies

Help keep our Zombie Tummies from rumbling! All monies go directly to making another episode/music video/extra awesome tid-bits just for you! Depending on the date of your transaction your name will appear in the credits of the piece you helped fund!